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Norville Independent Eyewear


Choosing new eyewear is a personal choice that has a big effect on your day-to-day life.  We want you to feel that your spectacles represent you as a person and your individual character. That’s why we take time to find out what suits your needs and lifestyle.


Our extensive range of frames is carefully curated and regularly updated so you can be assured they will be fashionable, high-quality and comfortable.


As we are independent opticians, we have the freedom to curate an eyewear collection you won't find anywhere else.


Our collection of designer frames includes some unique brands from the world's finest eyewear designers. 

Whatever your style, we are confident that we can find your perfect pair to suit your needs, taste and pocket.


Selecting new eyewear can be challenging, but with our knowledgeable team on hand, we are confident that you’ll be able to find frames that suit your style and sensibilities.


Included in our broad range of fashionable frames are options for every lifestyle and personality.


Whether you’re looking for something versatile and tough, eye-catching and stylish or sporty and outdoorsy we have options that will suit your tastes.

Eyewear Styling At Norville Independent Eyecare


Sunglasses are a vital part of your spectacle repertoire because protecting your eyes from UV light reduces your risk of developing eye conditions such as cataract and macular degeneration. It just so happens that they can look great too!


With that in mind, we offer an excellent range of prescription and non prescription sunglasses with different coating options and a wide range of frame choices.

If you require prescription glasses or sunglasses for taking part in your favourite sport, chat with us about our sports eyewear selection including some of the industry's leading designs and materials. 

Prescription Sunglasses and Sports Eyewear
Spectacle Lenses

What do fantastic frames need? Fantastic lenses.


We have the skills and knowledge to help you pick the best lenses. A great combination of frames and lenses will make you look and feel brilliant.


We supply lenses from all the major manufacturers, enabling us to provide the best options available for you:

  • Multifocals – varifocals, bifocals, office lenses and enhanced readers

  • Varifocals – see distance, near and everything in between.

  • Bifocals – traditional visible or more modern in-visible segments where two prescriptions are combined into one lens.

  • Office lenses – a bit like a varifocal but provide a far greater computer and reading area than a varifocal ever could.

  • Enhanced readers – a more extensive range of reading distances compared with standard single-vision options.

  • Single vision lenses - lenses with a single prescription in, distance, reading or anything in between.

  • Sun lenses - all sunglass lenses come with complete UV protection and are available in all lens types (varifocals, bifocals, single vision etc)

    • A variety of tints are available.

    • Polarizing lenses are also available to massively reduce glare and surface reflection.

  • An anti-reflection coating is always recommended as it helps improve visual comfort and clarity and is harder to scratch when compared to an un-coated lens.

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