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Norville Independent Eyecare Interior



At Norville Independent Eyecare, your optometrist will get to know your individual needs and preferences, so that you can get the best care possible. You'll be able to count on the same friendly optical team to serve you. They will learn about your eye health history, your prescription needs, and your family's eye health needs.

Norville Independent Eyecare


Following the merger of Bath Road’s two independent Opticians, Norville and the Independent Eyecare Centre, we were able to come together to create the practice and team you'll see today.


Retaining our sharp focus on eye health, we were able to create a fresh new aesthetic featuring brand new lighting, an air conditioning system and dedicated consulting rooms.


Our friendly and professional team are experienced in finding your perfect solution.


Whether you are looking for contact lenses, designer frames or quality eye healthcare, our team will help you choose the best option for you.



We love receiving feedback on our service and take any suggestions or concerns very seriously. 

We are constantly reviewing how we can best support you, so will ask you to share your thoughts with us following your appointment. 

Here are just some of our most recent patient reviews.



"I feel as though I owe this company a huge debt of gratitude.


Over the past two years they have been able to identify and explain to me the need for cataract surgery. This was something I’d thought only happened in extreme circumstances, not realising that it is carried out widely around the world with huge success.


Neither did I realise that my vision could be corrected to the point that contact lenses or glasses would become redundant. I’m over 70 and my vision is now pin-sharp, colours are bright and vivid, and I feel altogether brilliant as a result.


And the surgery aspect was fine, all over in a couple of hours, and only minor discomfort for a few days. I’m a retired teacher, so not wealthy, but the 7 grand I spent to go private (never did this in my life before) with the company could not have been better spent.


I stress that this is a separate scheme, and that the NHS queue is not affected. In fact, the NHS benefit.


I write all this partly out of gratitude, but also to point out to perhaps older people that this is something you can get done yourselves. It really brings light into your lives and often the dimming of the light - literally rather than metaphorically – is so gradual you just don’t notice that colours are dull, and you don’t like driving at night any more. I’ll stop there!"

David P.

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