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Without good eyesight it is difficult to take part in most everyday activities, such as reading, driving and watching TV.  A reduction in vision may also indicate the presence of potentially serious eye diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration, or general health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure.


Because eyesight problems often develop slowly, you may not notice any symptoms initially.  It is therefore important to have regular eye examinations.  The sooner a potential problem is detected, the greater the chances of it being treated successfully.


If you have not had an eye examination in the last two years, we recommend you speak to our receptionist.  We will examine your eyes thoroughly and answer any questions you may have about your vision.


We are committed to offering you the highest standards of professional service.  Remember, you eyesight is priceless and deserves the best possible care.


What is included in an Eye



History and Symptoms – We first discuss any problems you may be having with your eyesight and general health as many eye conditions are health-related.  We also discuss your work and leisure activities to assess your visual requirements.


Eyewear Assessment – If you already wear glasses or contact lenses, we check them to see if they are still suitable for you.


Refraction – This part of your examination finds out whether you need optical lenses to correct your vision.  We test your near vision (for reading), your distance vision (for driving or TV) and your intermediate vision (for hobbies or computer work).


Oculomotor Balance – We check that your eye muscles are co-ordinated and you have comfortable vision at all distances.


Intraocular Pressure – Too much pressure inside your eyes can indicate glaucoma, a disease which eventually leads to blindness if left untreated.  This test is usually only carried out on people over 40 or those with family history of Glaucoma.


Visual Field Test – Losing your field of vision is one of the main signs of glaucoma, so where appropriate we check all-round vision and your peripheral eyesight.


Opthalmoscopy – This is a very important part because it evaluates the health of your eyes.  Conditions such as diabetes, cataracts, hypertension and macular degeneration can be detected and monitored by an eye examination.


How can we help to give you the best vision?


We have many solutions for you to gain the best vision you deserve. 


Wearing spectacles need not be as mundane or boring as previously thought.  We carry a large variety of frames and will give you advice on the current trend, but most importantly what suits you.


Whether you require Single Vision, Bifocals or Varifocals we are able to source the best quality lenses from the worlds leading manufacturers.


If you wear glasses but the thought of being dazzled by the sun keeps you in the shadows we can provide prescription sunglasses, graded tints or photochromic lenses.


Contact Lenses can be a great alternative to wearing glasses.  Whether you use them for sports, special nights out or everyday use we can help you find the best lens for you.  A contact lens trial costs £65.00 and includes up to 3 appointments and all the lenses you will need in the process of getting you fitted.  The lenses themselves can cost as little as £22 per month.

Eye Examinations


Our Practice offers NHS and Private Eye Examinations.  Many people are entitled to free sight test under the NHS and they may also qualify for help with the cost of their glasses.  To be eligible you must be:

  • Children under the age of 16 and/or aged 16-19 and in full time secondary education.
  • Adults over the age of 60.
  • Adults with evidence of Government benefits i.e. Tax credits, job seekers allowance and holders of HC2 and HC3 certificates.
  • Adults who are diagnosed diabetics.
  • Adults over 40 who have a family history of glaucoma.

If you are not eligible for a NHS Examination you will need to book a Private Eye Examination at the cost of £30.00 for a half an hour appointment.


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