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Digital Retinal Photography

What is Digital Retinal Photography?


At The Cheltenham Independent Eyecare Centre we have invested in a state of the art digital fundus camera.  The camera allows us to take detailed photographs of the inside or front of the eye.  This is then stored with the patient records.


Who should have it done?


The service is available to everyone, and recommended for all ages.




We can use this photo to diagnose the health and condition of your eyes.


The Optometrist uses the images to carry out a detailed examination.  Later comparisons with previous images will reveal minor changes that may otherwise go un-noticed.


These images are invaluable in monitoring the health of your eyes.


The NHS in England does not fund retinal photographs, so a small charge is made for this additional service.


How is it done?


The image is captured in just seconds. The examination is comfortable and nothing touches your eyes.


The process is simple, quick and painless.  It takes no more than a few seconds in the consulting room. The images are instantly available for the optometrist (optician) to be able to review with the patient.  You can see what the optometrist sees at the back of your eye when they look close up with the bright light into your eye.




  • A better view of the inside of your eye.
  • You can see the picture as well.
  • A better view means better diagnosis.
  • Improved detection of ageing changes to the retina: for example glaucoma, diabetes, hypertension and macular degeneration.
  • Quick, Easy, Painless.
  • Available to Everyone.
  • Peace of mind that any problems can be detected and a referral sent to a specialist.
  • A permanent record of the condition of your eye is kept for comparison at future visits.


The cost of this Service is just £15.  You can pre-book to have this done or ask when you are booked in by our receptionist on arrival for your eye examination.


Our Patients are important to us; if you have any questions on any aspect of eye care we would be happy to help you.

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