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Contact Lenses




Every year thousands of people who prefer not to wear glasses full-time choose contact lenses.  In addition to the cosmetic advantages you can enjoy better all round vision and with increased freedom.


We will give you the best advice to ensure that you are happy with your lenses.  Regular aftercare is an essential part of the service from the Independent Eyecare Centre, to help maintain the good health of your eyes enabling you to enjoy contact lenses for many years to come.




There are many different types of lenses on the market to choose from.  Our Opticians are experts in selecting the most appropriate lens for you.  You may be fitted with monthly lenses or daily disposable lenses that do not require cleaning.  The Optician will discuss all these options with you to get the best suited lens.





Firstly it is sensible to find out the date of your last eye examination to make sure any lenses you try are of an up to date prescription.  Give the practice a ring and our receptionists can check this and book you in for the appropriate appointments.




You will be taught how to handle, insert, remove and care for your lenses by a member of staff.  Take this time to ask plenty of questions and make sure you are happy will all the procedures.  To start with you may only wear your lenses for a few hours a day and gently increase the wearing over a period of time.  This will allow your eyes to get used to the lens.




Once you have become a contact lens wearer it is important to have regular contact lens check appointments with the Optician.  These appointments give our Optician a chance to monitor the health of your eyes and the fit of the lenses.  It is important to remember that buying lenses from internet sites and supermarkets may not be as safe as buying from an Opticians, as they cannot offer the aftercare which is essential for the safe use of lenses and the continued health of your vision.




Depending on the type of lenses you have been fitted with you may have to buy solutions to clean and disinfect. Keeping your lenses clean is a very important part of using monthly or annual replacement lenses.  Your eyes are precious, so every effort to keep them healthy is worth while.  It is possible for infections to breed on lenses if they are not correctly cleaned which could cause sight loss. 


Our Patients are important to us, if you have any questions on any aspect of contact lens wearing or our scheme we would be happy to help you.


We regret that all our offers are not open to patients who do not buy their contact lenses from this practice and we do not take any responsibility for their aftercare.


Please ring us on 01242 222802 and book a Contact Lens fitting appointment.  Our Contact Lens Trial costs £65.00 and includes up to 3 appointments and contact lenses during the trial.

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